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The Voices of the Passion--John 12:12-19

Learn about what Christ did for you through His death and Resurrection.

Baptism--A Must Be in Life--Romans 6:1-11

Of course it’s not the work of water, it’s the grace
of God through faith; water is the visible means of grace to help us
believe, experience and receive this blessing.”

Christ is the Cornerstone of our Lives--Luke 20:9-12

Let Christ help guide you through the world we live in daily.  He is our Cornerstone–the solid rock in our lives.

THE HOPE IS COMING--Jeremiah 33:14-16

Jesus has come to bring us Hope, and one day, He will come back again for you and for me, to take us to the real Promise Land.

One Word--Two Reactions--Luke 4:16-30

Remember the day you worship God is the day you suppose to rest, to
reflect the Word, and to share your faith and time with you family.
Don’t just listen to what you like to listen to, listen to the whole Truth.